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These pups turned into cookie testers

while homemade treats were made!

Cookie testers.jpg

Here is a story of eight pups

Unwanted, rescued and adopted into loving homes of their own.


We could not have chosen a better dog. He is the sweetest, most loving companion we could have ever imagined. We thank God for him every day. We are having so much fun with him and can’t even imagine what our lives would be like without him. Thank you for all that you do and for providing us with this little blessing!

Rosie and Scooter did not get along all the time and made this somewhat difficult living in the same household. Both dogs are blind, and Scooter is also petite, compared to Rosie stocky build. Eventually, after almost 6 months of stress, Rosie’s family had to find another place for Rosie to go to, so another plea for help was put out on Facebook. 
This time, the owner’s high school classmate reached out offering help. She loves pugs and her mother had the same disease as Rosie’s owner so there was a strong connection. The meet and greet worked out and Rosie went to her new forever home.  Unfortunately, her prior owner passed away a few days later.

Rosie's new family (1).jpg
Help Healey


Yay for Healey!

Dogs are 

the best

Pup caring for baby

Thank You to the Franco and Balestro families for donating the birthday gifts to Orphaned Pets. We are so thankful for your help and support in this rescue effort. I understand you have a future salesman that did a super job.

Dog Wash Fun!

Caldwell University Circle K  students on May 7th  hosted a dog wash to benefit Orphaned Pets.  Pupcakes Grooming and Dog Bakery was kind enough to donate supplies and their shop to the event. 

It was the dedicated students who made this event a success. All the dogs looked great and left waging their tails in happiness!

Thank you again to the Circle K students for hosting the event and all who came out to support such a great cause.  It was a great day!

Joey and Danielle


I'm getting settled in my new forever home. Check out me shopping with my new Mom and Dad. They are the BEST!

These awesome kids put together a lemonade stand to help our pets in need. We were so touched by their efforts and Little Tina wanted to say an extra special thank you!
Emma collected pet food for her class project and donated it to Orphaned Pets. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful to our rescues. Emma and her family adopted little Poppy last year.
What a wonderful time was had by all at Kip's Castle on June 9th for movie night featuring" A Dog's Purpose"! The weather was perfect and our foster pups loved the attention they received. We appreciate all the donations of dog and cat food that were dropped off  by movie goers. Special thanks to Laura from Kip's Castle for the invitation to attend. Looking forward to doing it again.
Thank you to Athena's family for taking the time to bring Athena to Pet Lovers Outlet for a visit. It's been 10 years since Athena found her family and she is thankful every day.
Congratulations to Zach Laden on his Bar Mitzvah!  And for his Bar Mitzvah project, he organized a pet food drive to benefit Orphaned Pets and the Montclair Animal Shelter. He collected donations at school, from his soccer teammates and neighbors.  Thank you for your efforts Zach!  We, both humans and canines, appreciate your thoughtfulness.
The students from Caldwell University's Circle K Club hosted a dog wash on May 7th with all proceeds benefiting Orphaned Pets. Pupcake Dog Grooming in Caldwell generously donated their shop, staff and supplies to the event. Even though it was a dreary rainy day, so many people brought their dogs for a spa treatment. Thank you to the Circle K Club and Pupcake Dog Grooming for making this possible!  We appreciate your support of our cause.  A great time was had by all and the dogs looked fabulous!
Special thanks to Sophia and her friend Vera who planned and organized a lemonade stand to raise money for Orphaned Pets!  Sophia's family adopted Remi from Orphaned Pets a few years ago. It is heartwarming to see a family who rescued an animal from Orphaned Pets giving back to such a great cause. A big thank you for all the support and generosity!
Orphaned Pets, Inc. would like to give a big THANK YOU  to all the students, teachers,  volunteers and parents from the student organization "Comfort Knitters and Crocheters" at West Essex Middle School. These 7th and 8th graders knitted and crocheted blankets for the comfort of the dogs and cats in our foster care program.
Diane from Orphaned Pets spoke with the students about the foster process and the importance of animal rescue. She answered student questions about the different breeds and their temperaments. At the conclusion of the visit; the students presented the blankets. Our fosters are very grateful for the thoughtfulness of this group!
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