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In loving memory of our founder Rosemarie Cafiero

There are some people that come into your life and change your world forever.  Our founder, Rosemarie Cafiero, was one of those individuals.  None of us could have imagined when we joined Orphaned Pets that we would end up becoming so involved with saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats and actually enjoy cleaning up mess after mess and spending endless nights deprived of sleep while sitting up with a sick foster.   But we did it and we loved it.  It became our life's work just as it was for Rosemarie.  She was an exceptional person who always went above and beyond for all the creatures that crossed her path.  Rosemarie both rallied and inspired us with her devotion and dedication.  Whether she was caring for the sick and injured at her home or heading to PA on a transport run to save more lives, she always came through.  She is with us in spirit as we cherish our memories of her and continue the work she began.  Rest in peace Rosemarie.  

In the same way Rosemarie opened her heart and home to Red and Coco, her daughter, Grace, and her family have now welcomed the pair into their home!  They are both doing well and are adjusting to their new surroundings better than expected.  Red already knows his way around the yard and Coco is already barking at strangers!  We are accepting donations towards the medical expenses for Red and Coco to help the family with their continual care.


We are thankful to all the volunteers who came daily to feed, walk and spend time with them when Rosemarie could not.  It is heartwarming to see Red and Coco find their forever home and the happy ending they deserve.

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